Celebrate Valentine’s Day by Giving the Gift of Reading


Be a sweetheart for Valentine’s Day week. Share your #heartofgold and provide an Indigenous child with a book and give a family the gift of reading. Not only can you support the spirit of #BCFamilyDay by giving a family the gift of reading you can help children thrive! Help make the world a better place. Donate to support #FamilyLiteracy.

BCACCS is raising funds so that our Resource Centre can provide Indigenous children and families with books to inspire reading time. Help us fill the tree with book leaves and put a book into a child’s hand. DONATE NOW!

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#BCACCScelebrates20 and Child Care Provider Appreciation Day by opening nominations for the Child Care Recognition Award

DSC_0160e (Medium)

May 18 is a special day in BC set aside to recognize child care providers, teachers, school-age program staff, child care center directors and staff, and all those who work with children and are responsible for their education and care. One way to show your support, recognize their hard work and dedication, and acknowledge their contributions to quality care is to nominate them for a Child Care Recognition Award.

Our Child Care Recognition Awards aim to honour exceptional role models working in the Aboriginal early childhood education field throughout BC. These inspiring individuals are the champions of our communities. Traditional First Nations and/or Métis language, culture, and practice are celebrated through their passion, dedication, and hard work.

Each year, we ask child care professionals to nominate colleagues who are deserving of this special recognition. Nominations are now open. Nominate someone today! Show your colleagues how much they inspire you. Download the form now!  The deadline is June 30, 2017.

Winners will be announced publicly on October 28, 2017 at our Annual Provincial Training Conference Child Care Award Ceremony. Last year’s winners were: Jackie Casey, Jennifer Cross, Roseanne George, Vanessa Cardinal, and Vanessa Hickman.

Contact estelle@acc-society.bc.ca call 604-913-9128 Ext. 227 or visit our website for more information.

#BCACCScelebrates20 by Sharing the 2016 Mary Thomas Memorial ECE Scholarship Winners

hazel quashJenn carman

Mary was a remarkable woman. In recognition of her lifetime of commitment to the health and well-being of Aboriginal children, we named our early childhood education scholarship in her honour. Each year, the Mary Thomas Memorial ECE Scholarship is awarded to two Aboriginal early childhood education (ECE) students for highest overall achievement. She was a strong and passionate supporter of the BC Aboriginal Child Care Society.

This year the Basic ECE Scholarship went to Hazel Quash and the Post-Basic ECE Scholarship went to Jenn Carman.

Both of these remarkable women have overcome adversity and worked exceptionally hard to get where they are today. Hazel was motivated by preschoolers’ eagerness to learn. Jenn feels passionate about providing high quality education and programming for Aboriginal children, and children in care. Their accomplishments are inspirational. You can read more about them in the BCACCS Caring for our Children newsletter

The Mary Thomas Memorial ECE Scholarship 2017 cycle is now open. If you know someone who might qualify please share this article or visit our website for more information.

#BCACCScelebrates20 by Sharing our Newest Report about Increasing Indigenous Children’s Access to Traditional Foods in Early Childhood Programs


The Population and Public Health program of Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) and the BC Aboriginal Childcare Society (BCACCS) have released a new report, Increasing Indigenous Children’s Access to Traditional Foods in Early Childhood Programs. The report reviews food safety barriers and facilitators to providing non-market, high-protein, traditional foods in the early childhood settings.

The project revealed barriers to the current food regulatory system. Indigenous cultures and identities are closely connected to the lands and waters where traditional foods are obtained. Harvesting, preparing and sharing traditional foods are important practices of Indigenous cultures, and have long been part of a healthy diet.

BCACCS is committed to nurturing excellence through community outreach, education, research and advocacy, to ensure every Aboriginal child in BC has access to spiritually enriching, culturally relevant, high quality early childhood development services. We engage in research and policy analysis to advocate for and inform necessary supports for early childhood development and care for Indigenous children and their families, as contributions to the vitality of their communities and Nations. If you are interested in finding out more about our current research projects visit our website or contact graham[@]acc-society.bc.ca.

Over the 20 years we’ve been in existence BCACCS has produced several publications in partnership with various colleagues in the early childhood development field. Visit our website to get access to past research reports and resources. Do you have a favourite BCACCS publication that you have used in your program? Let us know what resources made a difference for you! Send an email to communications[at]acc-society.bc.ca.

Support #BCACCScelebrates20 Share your heart of gold – Donate Today

postcard1-smallFor #valentinesday week BCACCS is asking for donations to support Indigenous children in BC with speech and language development. Moe the Mouse® Speech and Language Development Program consists of several innovative early speech and language resources that use culturally appropriate toys and stories to enhance language development in children ages 3–5. Help BCACCS send Moe his friends to children around the province to help them practice their speech and language skills.

Help change this bare tree into one covered in leaves of gold. During this Valentine’s Day week give the gift of making the world a better place. Share your heart of gold; donate to support children’s speech and language development. Moe and his friends, help children shine. YOU CAN TOO!

Donate now and support children’s speech and language development!

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#BCACCScelebrates20 on #valentinesday week. Donations support learning opportunities for First Nation children in BC http://www.acc-society.bc.ca/files_2/donate.php



#BCACCScelebrates20 Bringing Tradition Home


In April 2010 the BC Aboriginal Child Care Society (BCACCS) released its parenting resource, Bringing Tradition Home: Aboriginal Parenting in Today’s World (BTH). Today #BCACCScelebrates20 this popular training and highlights some of the feedback we have gathered over the years.

This training has helped support communities, parents, and children for almost 7 years. Since the first year it began BCACCS has been getting heartfelt responses from the families and communities that participate. “It’s powerful to realize that you don’t have to be a perfect parent and that the community can help support me,” BTH Participant.

As you may know, the program was designed on traditional values but relies on the input and expertise of individual knowledge keepers to add their knowledge and cultural ways for the benefit of parents in their own communities. Participants in the training have shared how important this is for them. “What stands out for me is that real connections are made between traditional ways of parenting and honouring culture,” BTH Participant.

The values infused in the training are: Respect, Belonging, Love, Honouring, Humility, Courage, Wisdom, and Generosity. Participants often share that the training has helped them identify deeper meaning or reconnect with past learning. “I realized that everyone can be a teacher, from Elders to babies, everyone has something to teach and learn,” BTH Participant.

Do you want to help us celebrate this training and share your feedback with #BCACCScelebrates20? We invite parent and communities that have taken part in our training to share their experiences by contacting communications[at]acc-society.bc.ca.

We offer early childhood development training workshops throughout BC. Workshops are offered by request and are provided on-site at both on and off-reserve communities. Training is designed to help parents, volunteers, early childhood educators and other staff members enhance the services they provide for Aboriginal children and families.

BCACCS Highlights a Champion – the late Lenora Pritchard


In memory of our beautiful colleague and friend #BCACCScelebrates20 highlights the late Lenora Pritchard for her work as an Aboriginal early childhood education champion.

Lenora was Coast Salish, Tsimshian, and her father was Métis. She was a member of the Musqueam Indian Band in Vancouver.

Lenora worked as an Aboriginal child care advisor with the BC Aboriginal Child Care Society (BCACCS) until her tragic death in January 2009. She had a long working history as an early childhood educator in Aboriginal communities and travelled tirelessly throughout the province presenting training workshops to enable the incorporation of cultural curriculum into early childhood programs. She possessed a wealth of cultural knowledge and a deep commitment to communities, children and families. One of Lenora’s most memorable projects, and an accomplishment that does her proud, was the founding of a 32-seat Daycare for the Lake Babine Nation and development of the child care centre.

Lenora’s passing was a great loss, not only for her own family and BCACCS, but the many communities and Aboriginal early childhood development programs that benefitted directly from her cultural wisdom and infectious enthusiasm for life.

She was a tireless champion for Aboriginal early childhood education. So much so that on March 7, 2009 the Honourable Linda Reid (Minister of State for Childcare at the time) presented Lenora’s family with a special memorial Child Care Award of Excellence in honour of Lenora’s outstanding contributions to quality early childhood development for the Aboriginal children and families of British Columbia. The BC Child Care Awards of Excellence are presented each year to individuals and groups in various categories, and now include the Lenora Pritchard Award of Excellence – “a legacy that continues to inspire.”

We continue to feel her contribution to the Aboriginal early childhood education field. Did she inspire you? Do you know a champion that we can celebrate? Let us know, email communications[at]acc-society.bc.ca.

Moe the Mouse® makes a new friend!

Interim CPHO_Moeblog.jpg

Dr. Theresa Tam, Interim Chief Public Health Officer, ‏@CPHO_Canada spent time at Eagles Nest AHS preschool in Vancouver and made friends with Moe the Mouse®

Have you heard about the Moe the Mouse® Speech and Language Development Program? #BCACCScelebrates20 by sharing stories about Moe over the years. Do you have a story about how your program, family or children incorporate Moe into their learning and play! Moe is a friend to many children! Let us know if he is a friend to yours. Share pictures or a little story about spending time learning or playing with Moe.

To find out more about the curriculum kit and training workshop contact reception[at]acc-society.bc.ca or visit our website.

#BCACCScelebrates20: Highlights from A Spotlight on AHSUNC includes Eagle’s Nest and Singing Frog AHS Preschools

en_sftog-jan18-postBCACCS thanks the Keeping In Touch team for the great special edition newsletter, A Spotlight on AHSUNC, they put together that focuses on Aboriginal Head Start in Northern and Urban Communities (AHSUNC) in B.C. Help #BCACCScelebrates20 and read the special highlights about the Eagle’s Nest (page 21) and Singing Frog (page 23) AHS Preschools that BCACCS hosts.

Find out more about how Eagle’s Nest and Singing Frog have been inspired by BCACCS’ pilot project for the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), Connections: A Strength-Based, Family-Centred Approach to Assessment, working to develop strengths-based screening and assessment practices for Early Childhood environments.

Both of these programs are unique and responsive to their children, family, and community needs. #BCACCScelebrates20 raises our hands to the coordinators and staff at our preschools. Their tireless work and inspiring enthusiasm support and reflect the children’s development, learning, and wellbeing that help then thrive.

Gathering Strength and Nurturing Growth

DSC_0219e.jpg2016 marks the 20th year that BCACCS has been in existence. One of the ways we are celebrating is by showcasing the programs that we have worked with throughout the years.

The ultimate reason for all of our shared work is to create culturally relevant, high quality, spiritually enriching early childhood settings that can help our children thrive. Programs and educators throughout BC are dedicated to the well-being of the children and families they support.

We put out an invitation to participate in creating an art project showcasing “Gathering Strength and Nurturing Growth“ in order to share how programs across BC are inspiring children and families with delegates at our annual conference.

We were delighted with the amazing artwork that programs shared with us. Such amazing creativity! Thank you very much to the programs that participated and the children who worked so hard to inspire us.

View the children’s artwork!